Barbara Hoskins and Associates
Psychoeducational Assessments
Our comprehensive assessments provide clients, families, schools and other professions with the information need for:
  Educational Planning
  Treatment Planning
  Testing Accommodations
  Career Planning

Psychoeducational assessments provide in-depth evaluations of the following:
  Cognitive abilities
Processing strengths and challenges, including:
Language abilities
Memory skills
Visual-perceptual skills
Visual-motor skills
Organizational abilities
Academic abilities, including:
  Compensatory strategies
  Social-emotional functioning
The assessment process is a positive experience during which clients learn about themselves and participate in developing plans for success. They find out how they learn best, what is interfering with their performance, and how to make use of support. The assessment process includes:
  Intake Interview
  In-depth Testing
  Verbal Feedback
  Written Report
After explaining our findings in a verbal feedback session we provide comprehensive wrritten reports with specific personalized recommendations and plans for next steps. Our reports include the documentation that is needed for:
Requesting accommodations on standardized tesing
(e.g. SAT, ACT, HSPT, ISEE, GRE, LSAT, GMAT, Bar Exam)
  Making decisions regarding school or grade placement.
  Developing strategies and creating action plans for academic support.
  School-based meetings
  Educational, career, or treatment planning
After completing our assessment, we are available to follow up so that clients can achieve their goals.

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