Barbara Hoskins and Associates
Dr. Barbara Hoskins

Barbara Hoskins has a Ph.D. from Northwestern University in Learning Disabilities. She is a Professional Educational Therapist and a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. Dr. Hoskins has published books, articles, and curriculum materials and presented workshops throughout the United States and Canada. She consults in schools, psychiatric hospitals, and other treatment centers to develop support systems so that children and adults can experience success.
She has had a private practice in Pasadena for over twenty years and has an exceptional team of professionals who work with her to provide assessments, consultations, and educational therapy.

Dr. Hoskins works with the clinical psychologist on our team to provide in-depth assessment regarding our clients' cognitive, social-emotional, and attentional abilities. She also personally provides follow-up to support clients in experiencing success.

Our educational therapists have specialized skills that enable them to utilize their clients' strengths to maximize learning. Sessions are personalized to address each individual's academic and social-emotional needs.



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