Barbara Hoskins and Associates

Attentional Assessments

Who administers the testing and what are their credentials?
  The psychoeducational testing is done by Dr. Barbara Hoskins in collaboration with Dr. David Hickel. They are both highly experienced professionals who are well-trained in the assessment and treatment of children and adults with learning, attention, and behavioral issues.

Dr. Barbara Hoskins was trained in psychoeducational testing at Northwestern University. She brings over twenty years of experience to her work. She conducts the intake interview and administers the testing of processing and academic skills. Her specialties are assessing, planning for, and working with children and adults with learning disabilities (including: dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia), language disorders, attention deficits, and behavioral issues.

Dr. David Hickel has been a member of Barbara Hoskins and Associates since he was licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in 1994. He brings a great deal of experience in assessing and developing treatment plans for children and adults. He does our testing of cognitive abilities, attention and executive functioning, and social-emotional functioning. Dr. Hickel earned his Ph.D. at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. He has spent a great deal of his career studying the nature of learning and attention in children and adults.

Do you accept credit cards?
  We do accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards for payment.

When is payment due?
  Payment is made at the time of each visit or on a monthly basis for clients who are seen for weekly educational therapy. For assessments, an initial payment is made at the first visit and the balance is paid at the Feedback session.

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