Barbara Hoskins and Associates


This was the best investment we have ever made.
  Grandmother of a 22 year-old

I only wish we had done this sooner.
  Mother of an eleventh grade student at Loyola High School

We were extremely fortunate to have Dr. Barbara Hoskins recommended to us by our pediatrician. Our son was having difficulties with homework and behavior at school so we felt an evaluation would be helpful. Dr. Hoskins was professional, knowledgeable, and made our son very comfortable during our initial consultation. We now have regularly scheduled appointments with Dr. Hoskins and have seen an extreme improvement in our son's schoolwork and home life. Dr. Hoskins is always patient and answers all our questions and addresses all our concerns. She instills self-confidence in our son and always reminds him of his potential. He really enjoys the time he spends with her and he feels he can be honest and candid with her about his feelings. The office manager is courteous and always helpful. I can't stress enough how happy we are with Dr. Hoskins guidance and would highly recommend her. She has made me a better parent.
  Mother of a ninth grade student

I want to personally thank Dr. Hoskins and her wonderful team for all of their support, professional care, and the valuable assessments of both of our sons. I know that both boys will be more successful in school and in life because of her work!
  Parents of 8 year-old and 13 year-old boys

I received support from Barbara Hoskins and her associates from Kindergarten through 12th grade. She was a miracle worker because of her thorough evaluations, teaching my teachers best practices, and selecting her best associate to meet my educational needs. Her evaluations were very valuable because they provided a blueprint for how a person learns. My teachers learned how to engage me in the learning program after meeting with Barbara at the beginning of each school year. Every specialist I worked with at her office helped me academically, but more importantly, emotionally. Because of the self-advocacy and study strategies I learned, I became very successful. I graduated from college as a physics and math major. I am still so grateful for Dr. Hoskins' support and I see her as a mentor..
  Young woman who is now an educational therapist

I have always been a student with learning challenges. Just recently I decided to confront these issues to better understand why they are happening and what I can do about them. Dr. Hoskins was instrumental in helping me understand these challenges and in implementing strategies to overcome them.
  Adult with previously undiagnosed attention deficit and learning disabilities

My husband, who was a returning student to college, was having a difficult time dealing with his learning challenges. Barbara was amazing with him. He immediately felt comfortable talking to her about the difficulties he had faced which made him feel less isolated. Through the evaluation process she was able to pinpoint his needs and begin to help him problem solve more effectively. He has successfully moved from community college to USC and is working toward achieving his goals. He looks forward to working with her more in the future to help him further develop his abilities and experience success.
  Wife of an adult with learning and attention challenges

Dr. Hoskins is very helpful and knowledgeable she has helped me go from a C student to a B student. She has also helped me understand myself and figure out how to learn.
  Fourteen year-old student

Dr. Hoskins and her team are amazing! She is in the process of helping my daughter who had been struggling in school. She completely understands the struggles my daughter is going through and setting her up for success. We have been in agony over how to best help her excel, and we are so happy Dr. Hoskins will be helping her on her way. She is spot on in recognizing where problems come from and how to help. If your child is struggling, take them to Dr. Hoskins. She is amazing!
  Parents of a fifth grade girl

Dr. Hoskins has worked closely with our son, providing us with insight and direction as we struggled with the public school system to get an appropriate level of instruction for him. As a high achiever, the school did not see his needs to be a priority to be resolved. We watched as he went from an enthusiastic learner to increasingly losing interest in school.

When we arranged a meeting with the teacher and principal, Dr. Hoskins joined us to provide her professional perspective and presented suggestions for accommodating his needs in the classroom. Since then, we have continued to work with her in finding ways to allow our son to reach his full potential.

We think of Dr. Hoskins as family, and know that she truly cares about us and our son's future.
  Parents of a gifted eight year-old

Your professionalism and that of your staff is unsurpassed. The comprehensive testing helped us to finally better understand our daughter's academic struggles. Although her grades were always good and her high school teachers never identified a concern, her frustration was great because the outcome rarely reflected her incredible effort. Thank you for helping to clarify those struggles, as well as giving her a plan for making things more manageable, especially as she prepares to leave for college. We are so grateful to you and your staff for your knowledge and professionalism, as well as the compassionate care, concern and ongoing accessibility that you have given our family. We only wish we had met you earlier!
  Mother of a student getting ready for college

The educational therapy and school consultation provided by Barbara Hoskins & Associates has been imperative for our son since 2007. Even when we faced financial hardships I just could not imagine dropping this therapy. We have seen so much improvement in our son and he is growing up a brighter, articulate, and confident little guy. We truly feel blessed to have such special people work with and inspire our son.
  Mother of an eleven year old

You have gone way beyond the call of duty and have been a blessing in our lives.
  Mother of a young adult with a learning disability

We were the absolute last parents who ever expected to be seeking educational assessment and therapy for our child. Having an unhappy 7th grader who was struggling academically and socially changed that. He was losing all academic confidence and convinced he was “bad at school”. Dr. Hoskins was able to determine that our son struggled with auditory processing and working memory. No wonder the poor kid was bored and fidgety when teachers talked; he was unable to hold on to more than three words at a time. Dr. Hoskins worked with our child, his teachers, and his pediatrician to develop a plan to address his weaknesses. The best thing about Dr. Hoskins was that she collected enough data to convince our son that he is a very smart kid. It is now two years later and our son is a socially and academically thriving 9th grader who believes in his academic potential.
  Parents of a very bright ninth grade student

Working with school age children for over nineteen years, I felt extremely confident walking into the offices of Barbara Hoskins. I have had the unique pleasure of working alongside Dr. Hoskins on the school side in developing educational plans that would best fit the need of a child. Each one of us wants our children to possess an inner self-assurance that they can achieve the academic and behavioral goals set before them. So as my own child has grown and needed deeper evaluation, it was natural to turn to Barbara Hoskins.
Dr. Hoskins’ professionalism and expertise put our minds to rest as she began this evaluation process with us. She has personally called to discuss our concerns, current needs, and to follow up on our appointments. Dr. Hoskins has been available to confer on the phone or join us in our school scheduled meetings. Our experience with Barbara Hoskins and Associates has made the difference in moving forward in meeting the needs of our child. Thank you.
  An elementary school teacher and mother

Dr. Hoskins and her staff are very focused on the individualized needs of children. My family and I are grateful for the help that we have been able to attain here. The progress we have seen in our son is tremendous.
  Parent of a child in the Arcadia Unified School District

When my son first saw Dr. Hoskins he was having terrific difficulty in school. He had in many ways “given up”, was considered a below average student in some subjects, was frustrated, and had a dim view of his academic ability. Dr. Hoskins, through her assessments revealed to me that my son was terrifically bright, wanted desperately to do well, but had buried himself in a defensive “shell”. Through this testing, appropriate medication, and educational therapy arranged through Dr. Hoskins, my son is now considered one of the brightest and most academically successful kids in his La Canada elementary school. He has become highly motivated in school, even in those subjects where he needed the most help, and his self-esteem has skyrocketed.
  Father of a student in the La Canada School District

Barbara Hoskins has been a strong advocate for our son for over 2 years. She has supported him academically and socially during this time by taking an active and caring role throughout his challenges at school. She has provided sound, professional guidance to our son, our family, and his school. We are confident that our son continues to progress positively because of the help Barbara and her associates have provided.
  Mother of a fourth grade student at Mayfield

Barbara Hoskins and her team are extremely responsive, deeply knowledgeable and highly focused on the individual strengths and needs of each child.
  Prominent Education Professor

With the help of Dr. Hoskins and her associates, my husband and I have learned crucial strategies to help our sons with reading. When we brought my oldest son to the office, there was some concern that he may not move to the next grade. Not only did he move up, he is now receiving the highest grade possible in reading, is right at his grade level, and begs to read out loud to family each night. His confidence level has increased and he has now learned the love for reading. Thank you, thank you .
  Mother of a second grade student at Clairbourn

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